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Assettocorsa Competizione 続々マイナーアップデート中|v0.1.2 8 days ago

2018.09.27 10:51(4年前) BLOG

Assettocorsa Competizione 続々マイナーアップデート中|v0.1.2 8 days ago

Assetto Corsa Competizione – v0.1.2 Hotfix

– fixed T13 track competence problems with automatic gears
– hotstint is starting at the Hotlap position, fixes timing and exploits
– hotstint will now allow the last lap to be completed
– fixed hotstint timing issue
– fixed stability control option and corresponding over-corrections
– using stability control laptimes will add a laptime penalty in the online leaderboards
– minor tweaks for audio voices usage


Early Access Release 2
Available from: Oct. 10th 2018

Released Cars: Bentley Continental GT3
Released Tracks: Misano World Circuit
Features: Super Pole, VR Support, Basic Pit-Stop
Rating System: Performance Rating, Safety Rating

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