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Super-FJ MYST-KKS1 MOD for AssettoCorsa、正式版リリース

2018.04.25 12:13(3年前) SIMSOFTWAREPRODUCTS

Super-FJ MYST-KKS1 MOD for AssettoCorsa
 > 130ps tuningengine(2016年仕様)
 > 120ps normalengine(2017年仕様) 以上、2バージョン収録

Price: 9,800 yen(個人利用の場合に限る)






Version1.0.0 updatelog_20180425
> 120psをデフォルトに変更(130psはペアレント対象)
> 120psにもオリジナル音源を適用しました
> uiデータを最新化しました
> 外装データを一部変更しました
> ガソリンタンク容量の最大値をルール規定に則り18Lとしました(デフォルト10L)
> 車重を508?にしました(乾燥重量428?に対して、クーラント・オイルで10?、ドライバーで70?の合計80?を加算。

C:¥Program Files (x86)¥Steam¥steamapps¥common¥assettocorsa¥content¥cars




Super-FJ MYST-KKS1 MOD for AssettoCorsa
> 130 ps tuningengine (2016 specification)
> 120 ps normalengine (2017 specification) or more, 2 version recorded

Price: 9,800 yen (Only for personal use)

For inquiries about mod purchase, contact here.

KKS2’s exterior modeling has also started, so we can provide data of KKS 2 in the future as well.
However, in this mod, setting range is set so that movement of KKS 2, RD 10 V, WEST 11 J can be reproduced depending on the setting so please try it.
Actually confirming that almost the same time will come out in Okayama International, Tsukuba, Suzuka etc. by the setting by the champion driver of KKS 2 Drive.

※ If you wish to order original skins of each racing team, please contact us separately as it is available at additional charge
* For commercial use at the simulator shop, please consult us separately when using groups within the racing team
※ If you can declare the driver weight, we will send the adjusted data to the accurate machine weight with it taken into consideration

Version 1.0.0 updatelog – 20180425
> 120 ps is changed to default (130 ps is subject to parent)
We also applied the original sound source to> 120 ps
> Updated ui data
> We changed part of exterior data
> The maximum value of the gasoline tank capacity was set to 18 L according to the rule regulation (default 10 L)
> We made the weight of the car 508 kg (adding 80 kg total of 10 kg for coolant & oil and 70 kg for driver for dry weight 428 kg.
Gasoline is additionally automatically added there according to the set litter number)

When uploading the data, please delete the old data, not the data overwrite, then upload the latest data.
Data upload destination folder
C: ¥ Program Files (x86) ¥ Steam ¥ steamapps ¥ common ¥ assettocorsa ¥ content ¥ cars

MOD Terms of Service
? We will offer this MOD only for personal use. If you wish to use commercial use, team group use please consult us separately.
? This MOD is based on purchaser’s own use. We are strictly prohibited from offering to third parties, assigning and selling. In the unlikely event that provision and assignment / sale to a third party is discovered, we will take actions such as data deletion and claims for damages.
? We plan to continuously improve this MOD. I am grateful to those who are interested in this mod and are playing at SIM every day, and please contact ZENKAIRACING.COM if there are improvement requests, bug information etc. I am very pleased if I can finish it better MOD with everyone.
? If you would like original skin such as team color, please contact ZENKAIRACING.COM because it can be manufactured at extra cost.
? Those who can produce skins by themselves are glad if you can pre-confirm and share the data before using them. We will also expand on the site of ZENKAIRACING.COM and social media.
? We are glad if you can prepare better data and ideas beforehand if developers who can cope with such as repairing physical data, exterior 3D data and sound data can create even better ideas and data.